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Payroll can be complicated, with National Business Services it’s not.

Online payroll is our specialty, and it is one of the most important aspects of running your business. With our payroll services, all you need to worry about is entering and approving your employees’ hours — and we’ll take care of the rest.

Remove the financial burden and time constraints that are caused by on-site payroll processing and allow our team of payroll experts to handle the rest. Reduce your expenses while minimizing your liability.

Our payroll tax services make it easy for you to ensure that you always remain compliant with all local, state and federal tax.

Services Provided

Our services help keep your business running smooth without breaking the bank.

Improve Efficiency with Our Time Tracking Systems


Reduce labor cost by automated time tracking systems. Having the proper timekeeping procedure in place is an important aspect of providing your employees with accurate paychecks. To assist you with this process, we offer time keeping solutions that suit your business needs. Eliminate unnecessary time and headaches associated with outdated time keeping systems, and utilize our quick and easy solutions that eliminate the risk of making a payroll mistake. With our time tracking solutions, you will no longer have to worry about dealing with the manual payroll process.

Our Key Features






Biometric (fingerprint) Time Clock 


Enhanced Scheduling

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Workers Comp

Protect your employees and your business with quality and cost effective worker’s compensation insurance. It is required in almost all states and going without it will put your business and your employees at risk. National Business Services makes getting coverage you need easy at an economical price. Why deal with an additional vendor?


Already have coverage? Not a problem! Allow our team of payroll experts to review your current coverage and ensure that it’s the right fit for your business needs at the right price.

Compliance Services

Federal and State law requires employers to post labor law notices in the workplace for your employees. These mandatory postings include the OSHA Posting, Federal Minimum Wage, FMLA, USERRA and various State specific notices. Failure to post mandatory labor law notices increases your risk for noncompliance and can result in fines and lawsuits. With our Labor and Compliance Poster Service, we have made these notices available to you, at an economical price. 

Contact your friendly concierge to keep you in compliance. 



HR Informational Portal

The human resources field is constantly changing, causing stress and confusion for small business owners. Instead of struggling to maintain knowledge of current HR rules and regulations while running your business, you can rely on our on-demand services through our HR Informational Portal for easy access to everything that you need to know.

Our HR Informational Portal includes a comprehensive list of HR topics that you can search as needed, professional HR consultants to tackle your most difficult questions, and tools to help you remain compliant with laws. Additionally, you will gain insight into the implementation our best practices program to promote productivity and employee satisfaction.

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