websiteYour website is like the storefront or reception area of a brick-and-mortar business. If the pages are messy or designed with an odd color scheme, you may lose visitors before they have a chance to get to know you and your business. If you need a few tips to make your website more attractive, we have them for you here. Try these tips and see if you don’t see an increase in conversions.

Focus on Your Homepage

Your home page is the first thing visitors see when they click on your website link. Think of that click as a customer walking into your store or office. Customers who visit your physical location are treated like royalty, right? They’re greeted, and someone is there who is happy to answer questions. If you have a store, you have signs, which help customers find what they need. Stores are laid out for customer convenience. A home page serves the same purpose. It acts like a customer service representative who guides your customers while they’re visiting your website. The layout of your homepage either makes or breaks your visitor’s experience.

Keep It Simple

Your homepage and the other pages on your site should be kept simple. Don’t make customers struggle to find information. Making a website simple isn’t simple. It’s much easier to make a website cluttered and confusing. Why? Anything you create, whether it’s a website, an email, or a budget, is a product of your mind. Most people don’t think in a simple manner, especially if they’re highly creative. Remember the design principle introduced by the Navy back in the 1960s? KISS—keep it simple, stupid. A  more polite way to say it is “keep it simple and straightforward.” If you’re working with a business growth consulting company, you’ve likely heard about keeping things simple. One way to do that is by using white space efficiently.

Small business successTake Advantage of White Space

White space is the portion of a page left blank. On a website, it’s the space between graphics, text, margins and other elements. One mistake many DIY web designers make is cramming in too much content. This makes the web page look messy. It’s fine to have a lot of content on the site, but make sure you plan for white space too. White space helps your site look clean and organized. White space can also give your site’s design a look of simplicity and elegance. Aside from the way it makes a visitor feel, white space also has a practical use. If used properly, it improves readability and performance. Remember, you’re going for the less is more mindset and using white space is part of the movement toward simplicity.

Color and Font

Are you still using Arial and Times New Roman fonts on your website? These are two of the most overused fonts. Even worse, they’re boring. The fonts you choose for your website have an effect on the way visitors perceive your business. Color choice is also critical. Colors play a huge part in the way your brand is perceived. If your product is diamonds or pearls, you want colors that convey a message of elegance and luxury. Hot pink and lime green won’t work. Likewise, if you sell services to bass fishermen, you won’t use pastels in your color scheme. Study color psychology and the way it works with business branding. If you’re still unsure about colors and fonts, talk with your business growth strategy consultants and ask if they can refer you to a marketing specialist at their firm who can help you.

Call to Action

When you invite visitors to your website, what are you hoping they’ll do? That depends on your business. If you sell products or services online, make it clear that you would like visitors to make a purchase. If you’re more interested in building a client base, maybe you have an email newsletter that you want visitors to sign up for.

A non-profit may have a cause they’d like people to donate to. These are all considered calls to action and in web design language they’re referred to as CTAs. A CTA is a button or link the visitor clicks on, which takes them to a sign-up page or maybe a payment page. Without a strong and direct call to action, your visitor is likely to leave your site without doing anything and you’ve lost a chance to convert them to a paying client.

Are you ready for a simpler approach not just to your website but to your business? Set up a meeting with a consultant at National Business Services today. We’re dedicated to helping entrepreneurs like you work smarter and experience growth.