Kevin Harrington of ABC’s Shark Tank Unveils His 18 Business Building Secrets

Kevin Harrington is publicly known as a pioneer of the infomercial industry and as an Original Shark from ABC’s television show Shark Tank. Kevin spearheaded various product launches including a particularly popular one, the George Foreman’s Grill.

Harrington has helped launch over 500 businesses within the last 40 years, whose products and services have exceeded over 5 billion dollars in revenue. Thanks to National Business Services, entrepreneurs now have access to the 18 Drivers of Business Kevin Harrington has chosen to share with you:


Build Value Now
Market Size Brand Human Resources
Market Share Margin Management
Revenue Company Legal
Barrier Marketing Customers
Differentiation Operations Innovation
Financial Satisfaction Competition



Today, Kevin prides himself in continuing to coach entrepreneurs such as yourself. Kevin Harrington’s success and coaching continues as the co-founder of National Business Services, who provides a new way to do business by having all the service providers you need through one company. A through explanation of the value drivers and a proven road map of success can be yours with the assistance of Kevin Harrington and his team members. Access to his consulting for business owners continues as part of the Diamond Bundle package at National Business Services. So why go at it alone?