Do You Want to Learn the Secrets to All Successful Businesses?Why not learn from an original SHARK from Shark Tank.

Learn from an original Shark on ABC’S Shark Tank

  • Do you want more free time and increased profits?
  • Is your business healthy?
  • Do you want to feel more fulfilled?
  • Are the 18 vital components of any business running effectivity, efficiently and in harmony in your business?
  • Are you building a job or a business?

The inventor of the Infomercial; and the powerhouse behind products like Jack Lalanne’s Juicer and Tony Little’s Fitness Equipment, with combined sales well into the billions. EmpruVs co-founder, Kevin Harrington along with Jason Garey, a former business consultant for Tony Robbins whose work shaped multi-billion dollar international companies offers this simple yet powerful insight.

“It’s very simple—get help when and where you need it.” We see many business owners around the world making the mistake of being too proud to seek help, refusing to justify the cost of an experienced consultant and carrying the bitter taste of being burned by bad advice. At EmpruVs, we solve all of these issues by bringing trusted, world class advisors and resources, traditionally reserved for big businesses, to businesses like yours. We are the only consultants you will ever need.

Kevin Harrington & Jason Garey

EmpruVs value creation services subscribe to the premise that you must know what your exit strategy is to determine the choices and direction that will get you there. For instance you do not board an airplane not knowing your destination. That said, even if you plan on building a legacy business, or being acquired by a larger company, it is still advised that you focus on the eventual sale of your business as an alternative exit strategy. Expert business consulting can help you formulate the plan you need quicker and easier.

Subsequently, it is IMPERATIVE that you position your business to attract investors who are seeking an absentee ownership arrangement. Whether your buyer ends up being an owner/operator or a hands off investor, the ability to remove you, or any owner, from the equation is critical.

If your business isn’t set up to operate without your continuous involvement, then we highly encourage you to take advantage of our complimentary strategy session. This session will help you get an idea of the estimated value of your business, what areas could use attention and what the estimated value of your business would be if those areas are addressed. Never underestimate the benefits that an experienced business consultant can bring to the table.

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