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We serve clients in all 50 states to help solve both federal and state tax problems.

Your case will be heavily worked on by tax and legal professionals including Certified Public Accountants and lawyers on every case.

We provide personalized attention to the details of each case, representing our clients in all dealings with the IRS including responding to IRS communications and pursuing procedural and administrative remedies to attain the best outcome and relief for our clients.

Even if you haven’t filed your taxes for a number of years, we can help get you back on track in restoring your financial security.

In most cases we are able to settle outstanding taxes, penalties and accumulated interest for a fraction of the amount due.

Gain Peace-of-Mind

icon-04Are you trying to handle your tax problems alone? Have you had the misfortune of being represented by now defunct companies like J.K. Harris, Roni Deutch, American Tax Relief or TaxMasters?

icon-04Allow us to help you. Unlike many other tax resolution companies, National Business Services Tax Lien removal uses its experience, expertise and planning to aggressively negotiate on your behalf until a sensible and affordable settlement is reached.

We take pride in our honesty, integrity and dedication with our clients and their cases. We know exactly what it takes to successfully resolve a tax problem and we make sure all steps are taken to achieve the best possible outcome.

Gain peace-of-mind by allowing us to take the weight off of your shoulders.


Tax Consultation

If you’re facing a possible IRS or state collection action against you, a complimentary consultation is one of the best decisions you will make.

Our team of experts will give you the advice, guidance and representation you need and deserve to get through all the IRS/State collections hoops and processes as quick and painless as possible.

Tax Preparation

You can prepare your taxes without any help, but filing a tax return can become complicated if your situation is not a ‘typical’ one. You’ll need to file your tax return with the IRS or the state, and sometimes both, depending on your circumstances.

You can file your taxes by mailing in the forms, or online, and can file as early as January. If you’re late filing, you may incur a failure-to-file penalty plus some interest. To avoid this, start preparing your tax return early, make sure you submit it by April 15th, or contact us for help.

Tax Resolution

If you’re facing IRS collections and all the penalties and consequences that accompany it, we are here to help.

We will give you all of the necessary tips and tools in order to successfully resolve your case. We take your unique case and develop strategies to address and solve all of your tax problems.

Negotiation & Settlement

Depending on your financial situation and the amount you owe, you may be able to make the payments over a period of time, or pay a lower amount in a lump sum or even in installments.

In some cases, you will not have to pay any taxes at all, or you might have the debt permanently forgiven. Allow us to find the best solution to your problems to help give you peace of mind and relieve you of your tax burden.

Our Process


Let us provide you with the expert advice, guidance and proper representation that you deserve.


Our team of experts will do a complete analysis of your case, establish communication with the IRS and review your case summary options – all while making sure you’re protected.


Establish IRS compliance while achieving the best solution to your tax problems.


Gain peace-of-mind knowing your case has been resolved and your problems are behind you.

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