What if only one person managed all of your Business Service providers?And was available at your convenience, even by text.The FIRST Business Services Organization (BSO) is here to help.

What Is a Business Concierge?

A business concierge is your own designated, intelligent, and reliable adviser we assign to you for business advice, expertise and to manage all your Business Service Provider relationships for you. They are based in our headquarters and pride themselves on being easily accessible and proactive to assist you on any business need.

Business Concierge

Why You Need A Concierge

Trusted adviser

Text availability

Personalized attention

Learns and understands your business

Specialists in all Business Services

Business is competitive, you need an advantage

Business Concierge Case Studies

Case Study 1

A business owner complained about his current credit card statement for two reasons: he couldn’t understand it and thought the fees were exorbitant. His concierge analyzed his statement recognizing the inflated charges then switched processors to our easy-to-understand statement and saved him $618 a month in processing fees.

Case Study 2

Business owner Sally has found herself to be a prisoner to her bookkeeper’s antics. The bookkeeper was slow and unresponsive, causing delays and frustration. Her new concierge then introduced her to a new technology and bookkeeping service where the software magically links-to and reads her checking account activity and seamlessly produces monthly financial statements on time with minimal involvement on her behalf.

Case Study 3

A manufacturer of lawn furniture found themselves unorganized in the human resources department when it came to hiring more employees for their growing business. Becoming a Platinum member of the concierge program fixed the issue immediately, setting this company up for success with job descriptions, an employee handbook and an HR audit, where the concierge uncovered that he was close to breaking labor laws.

“By being in constant communication with the same concierge team I am able to trust them to find me the best pricing for all of my Business Services. I look forward to our cost cutting calls and projects.”
Andrew T, - Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Center
Dealing with multiple service providers can give you a headache, happy I have my business concierge team to take care of it for me!
Crystal A, - Health & Beauty Spa
My concierge cut my credit card processing costs to 1/3 by analyzing my hard-to-understand processing statement and walking through all the savings line by line.
Anthony S, - Restaurant Owner