Encouraging your employees to become more productive is a challenge all managers face. There are many approaches out there, but knowing what will work is not always clear. Here are a couple ways to increase productivity. For even more advice, reach out to a business growth consulting company near you. 


In order to know if productivity has increased, you have to first measure it. Pick a way of measuring productivity that is relevant to your business, for instance, number of sales or time to complete a task. Measuring will also invite friendly competition that will push employees to work harder.


Specific, measurable, and realistic goals will keep your business on track, and give your employees something tangible to work towards. Offering rewards for goals met has been shown to increase productivity.


Procrastination comes when people are burnt out. Allowing your employees regular breaks can increase productivity by giving time to totally disengage from work. Once returning to work, mental faculties will be better able to focus on the task at hand.

Time Off

Longer hours rarely mean more work done. Instead, limiting work hours can prevent burnout and force employees to be more efficient. Encouraging a healthy work-life balance will motivate your employees to utilize their time at work to its fullest.

Positive Feedback

Negative comments can often weigh down employees and keep them from reaching their full potential. Instead, focus on positive feedback. Once they feel noticed, they will often strive to work even harder.